BBQ In New Hampshire

It can seem impossible or even absurd to mention finding decent barbecue in New Hampshire. You wouldn’t anticipate there to be a lot up there in the North given its deep origins in southern American culture.

The Granite State does, however, have some fantastic BBQ restaurants that will satisfy the cravings of anyone who misses the traditional Southern barbecue.

Many of the pit cooks and restaurant owners in New Hampshire have interesting tales about how they got their beginnings and what motivated them to commit their lives to recipes and cuts of meat. They are all united by a love of tradition, skills, and a feeling of belonging.

Although the bulk of the meat you’ll encounter would be dry or with a rub, most of these BBQ restaurants provide you the option to “make it your own way” when it comes to sauces, which span across Texas to the Carolinas.

You may get your dose of steak, brisket, ribs, racks, chicken, and more at any of these locations. Don’t forget to grab some slaw and cornbread as well. After all, the quality of the sides can help determine how excellent the barbecue is.

There’s probably a wonderful BBQ joint nearby, but after reading this, you might even want to go on a state-wide tour.

Wherever you go, anticipate being welcomed as family and leaving feeling satisfied with the aroma of smoke and spices filling your senses. You won’t be dissatisfied. Keep reading to find the best BBQs in New Hampshire!

Smokeshow Barbeque – Concord NH

Smokeshow Barbeque in Concord NH is my favorite BBQ spot in the Capital city of New Hampshire! I love their brisket, pulled pork, Goodness, and their garlic cheddar smoked sausage is to die for! Their sides like their macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, creamed corn are phenomenal too!

Smokeshow was originally near Planet Fitness in Concord but moved their operation to 231 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301 and teamed up with a local brewery called Feathered Friend Brewery. My favorite move is to go order a meal at Smokeshow, get it to go, and then bring it next door to Feathered Friend Brewery to pair perfectly with some local IPAs.

Smokeshow Barbeque also offers catering and they do a great job at it! I recently attended a function where the Smokeshow team catered and everything was top-notch. The people in attendance raved about the food!

This is definitely a New Hampshire BBQ spot to add to your list!

Goody Coles – Brentwood

One of the better-known eateries has a devoted following of patrons who claim the barbecue is authentically Southern.

Texas native and co-owner Holley Lenihan wanted to share with the community their passion for barbecue with her husband. In 2003, they first established Goody Coles in Exeter. A few years later, they expanded and relocated to Brentwood.

There they kept using 100% hickory wood to smoke all of the meat for 12 hours, which produces a pleasant aroma as you enter the building.

Although they have a fantastic menu overall, their brisket and also the cucumber salads are particularly popular. To complete your purchase, be sure to pick up some sweet tea.

KC’s Rib Shack – Manchester

KC’s Rib Shack, another popular choice in New Hampshire, is a fantastic spot to take the whole family or meet up with friends and is guaranteed to be gratifying.

Founder Kevin Cornish with his colleague took a chance with just a few hundred dollars in their pockets to start the now 20-year-old company.

You wouldn’t realise the BBQ eatery was located within one of the region’s oldest barns until you climbed the steps.

Expect a vibrant setting with a fun personality (meat jokes) and a rustic feel. Hefty sandwiches serve you a sizable piece of the animal world if you’re a true meat fan and would like a few more alternatives.

One great option is the BBQ Sundae, which has layers of pulled pork, slaw, and baked beans with a rib on top. You won’t go home hungry here.

Kirby’s Q – Alstead

Although the owners of Kirby’s Q are beginners to the BBQ food service industry, they possess the skills necessary to succeed.

Founder Ken Urbanski was already smoking meat for close to 30 years, primarily for friends and family, when he made the decision to open the restaurant to the general public.

They take pleasure in their dedication to making sure their clients have a fantastic experience. You feel welcomed as soon as you enter, and the aroma of the food tempts you to eat everything on the menu.

Yankee Smokehouse – West Ossipee

For its first 35 years, Yankee Smokehouse operated out of a modest structure with an outdoor fire pit. Although they have since increased the restaurant’s size and installed a bar, they have mostly maintained the menu’s original offerings.

People visit for the traditional fare like the ribs and pork, but the pizzas, many of which come with the smoked meats, are also quite well-liked.

They provide delicious bloody marys with thick pieces of bacon. Additionally, Yankee Smokehouse regularly raises money for many local charities and is growing their catering business.

Riverside Barbecue – Nashua

Downtown Nashua’s Riverside restaurant is tucked away beside the river and serves all the traditional BBQ fare, including pulled pork, ribs, chicken, brisket, and delicious rice.

They give a warm and relaxed environment to the downtown area and are a wonderful addition. Several other downtown businesses and stops are within walking distance, making it a wonderful place to drop by for food and a refreshing beer.

Huntspoint Meat And BBQ – Epping

They take great satisfaction in offering the best meat possible to some of the best pit chefs and BBQ competitions in the world. Numerous accolades have been given to their meat, which has also been displayed at events all around the world.

They launched a business after forming collaborations with chefs and learning how to perfect the art of smoking meats. Although they still offer meat in their store or on request so you can prepare it however you like, it is worthwhile to remain and sample what they cook.

All of their sides are produced from scratch without the use of preservatives, and their sauces and rubs have won awards on their own.

Moat Mountain Smokehouse – North Conway

Most people are familiar with Moat Mountain as among the first craft breweries in the state, because that’s how they began operations back in 2000. However, the smokehouse and bar were later established.

The bar, which has 174 seats and is located in North Conway, is a lively tourist destination. The beef and pulled pork are very popular, but we believe that any dish you order will go well with their selection of beers.

Moat Mountain uses ingredients from the neighbourhood and lists the farms and companies they partner with on their menu. If you’re exploring the White Mountain region, this is a fantastic place to stop.

Final Thoughts

With its combination of savoury, tangy, sweet, and salty flavours, BBQ is utterly irresistible. You don’t need to travel to Texas and South Carolina to enjoy this delicious delicacy.

You’ll adore the hearty fare, huge quantities, and tender, slow-cooked meats at these fantastic restaurants right in New Hampshire (see also ‘Best Indian Food In New Hampshire‘).

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