Where Is New Hampshire On The Map?

If you are wondering where the state of New Hampshire can be found on the USA map this will help you. The map included on this page will show you where New Hampshire is geographically located. As you can see, NH is located in the North East region of the United States.

Where New Hampshire Is On The Map

Where is New Hampshire Located on The Map? 

New Hampshire is a small New England state in the Northeastern United States bordered by Maine to the East, Vermont to the West, Massachusetts to the South, the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Canada to the North.

New Hampshire is one of the original 13 colonies from when the US was originally settled. The state of New Hampshire was officially recognized as a US state in 1788 and was the 9th state to ratify the United States Constitution.

New Hampshire experiences all four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) due its Northeastern location which makes it a popular tourism state. People from all over the country and world travel to New Hampshire for hiking in the White Mountains, Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling in the Winter months.

New Hampshire known for many things but some include

New Hampshire is nicknamed the Granite State, The Mother of Rivers, and the “Live Free or Die” state. The capital city of New Hampshire is Concord New Hampshire (where I personally live). New Hampshire is a wonderful state to live in with some beautiful scenery, wonderful mountains, beautiful lakes, and small towns with wonderful school districts.

New Hampshire Map
The State of New Hampshire Map

Other New Hampshire Facts

What country is New Hampshire in?  The United States

What is the capital of New Hampshire?  Concord, NH

New Hampshire Abbreviations: N.H., NH, US-NH

What is New Hampshire’s largest city?  Manchester NH

New Hampshire Nicknames:  The Granite State, The Live Free or Die State, The Mother of Rivers

NH’s Highest Point:  Mount Washington

NH’s Lowest Point:  Atlantic Ocean

NH’s Timezone:  Eastern Daylight Time

NH’s Official Website:  www.NH.gov

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