Things To Do In North Woodstock NH

Set in the White Mountains, North Woodstock is a charming town that has approximately 2,000 acres of White Mountain National Park within its borders.

As a result, there is always a constant buzz about the town, with thousands of outdoor enthusiasts paying this beautiful part of the world a visit.

The fact you’ve stumbled across this post would suggest you’re one of those visitors. If so, you’re going to want a list of the best things to do.

That’s exactly what we have for you in this post. Today, we’ll show you the best things to do in North Woodstock so you know exactly what to do during your visit.

Let’s get straight to it!

1. Take In The Views From The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway

One thing you simply have to check out when visiting North Woodstock is the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. This unique attraction gives visitors the chance to take in the incredible scenery New Hampshire has to offer. 

Aside from the incredible views, this tramway is the highest and longest in the eastern United States.

It takes passengers to the summit of Cannon Mountain which sits at just over 4,000 feet. If it’s a thrilling experience you seek and unparalleled views, this is the attraction for you.

2. Visit Flume Gorge

As far as natural attractions go, Flume Gorge in Lincoln, New Hampshire takes some beating. Drawing tourists in for hundreds of years, this gorge was first discovered in 1808.

Not only a popular tourist attraction, the gorge actually has historical significance in the state. Native Americans once used the route as a transportation route.

Today, the two-mile-long chasm with walls that tower above is a great place to walk with the family. 

The impressive views and lush scenery are only topped with views of the rushing waterfalls and dense forests. 

3. Ice Castles New Hampshire

If you’re paying North Woodstock a visit in the winter, you simply have to stop off at the Ice Castles. A winter phenomenon, the ice castles are where fairy tales are brought to life.

An awesome place for children and big kids to escape, this spectacular location features frozen waterfalls, glaciers, archways, slides, tunnels, and caves all lit up in vibrant colors. 

A mystical adventure for the whole family, taking a leisurely walk around the site is a great way to unwind and take in something more unique during your stay. 

4. Pay Woodstock Inn Brewery A Visit

Beer lovers have to leave some time spare to visit the local brewery. Woodstock Inn Brewery runs daily tours where guests can learn more about how their brew is made.

More importantly, you’re also given the chance to sample some of the delicious brews.

Once you’ve sampled the local brew, why not kick back at the brewery’s restaurant with a hearty dinner? After, you could pay the gift shop a visit and treat yourself to a growler or 12-pack. 

For those that want to, you can even stay in the brewery’s very own 40-bedroom hotel. 

5. Step Back In Time At Hobo Railroad

Next up, we have the Hobo Railroad. Based in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Hobo Railroad is a brilliant place to visit when staying in North Woodstock. 

Packed with history, Hobo Railroad was the first railway to use a cogwheel-powered locomotive to climb a mountain. The railway ran all the way from Woodstock, through New Hampshire, and to the summit of Mount Washington. 

Unfortunately, the route has now closed but that doesn’t stop the railroad from being an iconic location. Today, the old railroad has been amazingly preserved so that visitors can take in local history. 

6. Make A Splash At Whale’s Tale Waterpark

Next up, we have another awesome attraction that your children will love. Found just five minute’s drive away from the center of North Woodstock, Whale’s Tale Waterpark has everything your family needs to have a day filled with fun and laughter. 

Featuring exciting waterslides, heated swimming pools, and a super relaxing lazy river, the waterpark is a great place to spend a hot summer’s day.

With something for everyone, the park even has a mini golf course and arcade for those that want to spend some time out of the water.

7. Spend Time At Profile Falls

Keen hikers and nature lovers will appreciate the next attraction on our list. Easily one of the best things to do in North Woodstock is to spend an afternoon or early morning at Profile Falls.

Beautiful, serene, one in a million, and mindblowing are just some of the words we would use to describe this incredible location. First discovered in the 1800s, Profile Falls is a powerful waterfall set in dense woodlands. 

This creates a perfect location for hiking and running through nature. It’s definitely not one to be missed.

8. Dine On Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train

If you’re after a more unique experience, make sure you dine on the Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train. Offering the experience of a lifetime, guests are treated to a two-hour scenic train ride on a 1950s vintage rail car. 

During the scenic trip, a delicious five-course dinner is served. 

9. Fish At Franconia Notch State Park

Franconia Notch State Park is a lush park located within the White Mountains. Famous for its impressive views and challenging hikes, this park also has a variety of fabulous fishing spots. 

Within the park, you’ll find plenty of amazing fishing spots where fish are readily available, just like the views. One of the best locations is a 13-acre lake dedicated to fly fishing. Here you’ll have a great opportunity to catch trout.

10. Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves

The final thing to do on our list is to visit Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves. This location is one of New Hampshire’s greatest natural wonders.

Here, you can explore the beauty of New Hampshire’s magical landscape on a self-guided 1-mile long walkway. 

The walk is complete with lush scenery, wild waterfalls, and impressive views. It’s also perfect for kids. What’s not to like?

Final Thoughts

North Woodstock, New Hampshire is a charming town surrounded by one of America’s most impressive national forests. In this post, we’ve shown you the best things you can do in North Woodstock.

Despite being an area primarily known for hiking, climbing, and mountain landscapes, there are plenty of other things to do. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that there’s something for everyone. 

No matter what you like to do, you’ll find something you enjoy on our list. Now all you have to do is decide what you want to do first.                                 


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at