New Hampshires Nickname – The Granite State

The State of New Hampshire has 4 nicknames with one of them being the most popular. The main NH nickname is certainly the one that stands out the most but some of the other nicknames are well-deserved too.

New Hampshire is one of the original thirteen states and it became part of the union in 1788. New Hampshire is a small state in the Northeast of the United Sates and is one of the states that make up New England. New Hampshire is bordered to the South by Massachusetts, to the West by Vermont, to the East by Maine, and to the North by the province of Quebec in Canada.

New Hampshire’s Nickname – “The Granite State”

New Hampshire’s main nickname is “The Granite State” due to the many granite quarries contained within its borders. Granite is the official rock of the state of New Hampshire.

In the past many glaciers passed over the part of this part of the continent depositing granite, gravel and massive stones. The largest granite quarry in New Hampshire is in the center of Rattlesnake Hill near Concord NH and is owned by Swenson Granite.

New Hampshire’s nickname of The Granite State may also have something to do with its rich history of a frugal government and attachment to granite values. This fits perfectly with New Hampshire’s slogan of “Live Free or Die.”

New Hampshire has no individual income tax or general sales tax. With New Hampshire’s “first in the nation” status it has maintained for decades it also plays a major role in the presidential election that happens every four years.

New Hampshire’s state capital is Concord NH, its state flower is the purple lilac, and the state bird is the purple finch.

The Granite State’s Name Displayed Perfect With the Steep Granite Walls of The Flume

The State of New Hampshire’s Other Nicknames

While New Hampshire’s primary nickname is the Granite State it also has some other popular nicknames.

Mother of Rivers

Another nickname New Hampshire has is the “Mother of Rivers.” NH has a large number or rivers that originate in the White Mountains. Some of the biggest rivers in New Hampshire that earned it this nickname include the Connecticut River, the Merrimack River, the Contoocook River, the Pemigewasset River, the Saco River, the Androscoggin River, and the Ashuelot River.

The White Mountain State

New Hampshire is called “The White Mountain State” after the White Mountain range the cuts across the northern half of the state. Mt. Washington, in the White Mountain Range, is the highest point in the Northeastern United States. It’s also noted for “the world’s worst weather.”

Switzerland of America

Early visitors to New Hampshire’s White Mountains likened them to the impressive mountains in Switzerland, hence the additional nickname. The beautiful mountain scenery in New Hampshire is that impressive to earn that honor of the Switzerland of America accolade.

Where Did New Hampshire’s Original Name Come From?

The state of New Hampshire was originally named after the English county of Hampshire. You may recognize some of the city names within New Hampshire as resembling those within Hampshire England.

Final Thoughts on New Hampshire Nicknames

New Hampshire has many nicknames with its most popular being the Granite State. It is also known as the Mother of Rivers, the Switzerland of America, and even the White Mountain State.


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