Best Schools In New Hampshire

Natural advantages abound in New Hampshire. Because it is a tiny state, it is easy to get to ski resorts, hiking trails, the beach, and lakes whilst being within an hour of Boston. 

It’s an excellent area to live because it has low crime and no income taxes. It also has natural beauty throughout the year. 

The state’s southern region, which contains upscale villages like Hollis and Bedford as well as more working-class areas like Manchester and Nashua, is the most populous. 

West New Hampshire and the areas north of Concord (the state capital) are more rural, with more affordable real estate (see also ‘The Most Expensive Homes In New Hampshire‘). Of course, property on New Hampshire’s renowned lakes, such as Winnipesaukee, is the most costly in the state. 

But what are the schools like in New Hampshire? If you’ve just moved to New Hampshire or are considering relocating to the area, you might be wondering where you should send your children so that they can receive a high-quality education. 

Wonder no more! Our informative article provides some information about living in New Hampshire, as well as the top schools in the area – split into elementary, middle and high schools with the best ratings. Keep reading to find your perfect school.

Best Elementary Schools In New Hampshire

Memorial School – Bedford

A public institution in Bedford, New Hampshire, which is a mid-size suburb. Memorial School has a student population of 420 students and offers grades PK through 4. 

Rye Elementary School  – Rye

A public elementary school in the small town of Rye, New Hampshire. Rye Elementary School has a student population of 231 students and offers grades PK through 4. 

Grantham Village School – Grantham

A public elementary school in Grantham, New Hampshire, in a rural setting. Grantham Village School has a student population of 244 students and offers grades PK through 6.

Best Middle Schools In New Hampshire

Windham Middle School – Windham

A public middle school in a rural location in Windham, New Hampshire. Windham Middle School has a student population of 525 students and serves grades 7 through 8.

The Frances C. Richmond School – Hanover

 is a public school in a rural environment in Hanover, New Hampshire. The school has a student population of 359 and serves grades 6 through 8.

Greenland Central School – Greenland

Greenland Central School is a public school in the small town of Greenland, New Hampshire. Greenland Central School has a student population of 419 students and offers grades K through 8.

10 Best High Schools In New Hampshire

academy for science and design

1. Academy for Science and Design (ASD) – Nashua

Within New Hampshire, the Academy for Science and Design (ASD) is rated highest. This is a charter high school in Nashua NH with an impressive standing. Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and examinations are available to students. The school has an impressive 70.2% college readiness rate!

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2. Windham High School – Windham

In New Hampshire, Windham High School is placed 2nd. Advanced Placement® courses and examinations are available for students. This is a bigger school with over 1,000 students and has a 60% college readiness rate.

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3. Hanover High School – Hanover

In New Hampshire, Hanover High School is ranked as the third. Advanced Placement® courses and examinations are available for students. They have a very impressive 96% graduation rate and the school has about 700 students who attend. It is also located in Hanover NH and is right next store to the Dartmouth College campus.

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4. Hopkinton High School – Hopkinton

The high school in beautiful Hopkinton New Hampshire is a desirable one and ranked 4th in the state. It is a great school and they offer Advanced Placement® coursework and exams for students. I have personally known many educators in this school and parents who raved about their children’s education here.

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5. Profile Senior High School – Bethlehem

Located in Bethlehem, NH this NH high school ranks 5th in the state. They boast an impressive 62% participation rate for Advanced Placement®!

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Hollis Brookline High School

6. Hollis-Brookline High School – Hollis

This NH high school is located in Hollis New Hampshire and is ranked 6th in the state. This school also offers Advanced Placement® exams and coursework. 60% of students participate in Advanced Placement® coursework and it boasts a 51% college-readiness score.

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7. Lebanon High School – Lebanon

Located in Lebanon NH Lebanon High School ranks 7th in New Hampshire school rankings.

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8. Sunapee High School – Sunapee

Sunapee High School is ranked 8th in New Hampshire high schools. They have an impressive 95% graduation rate.

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9. Bedford High School – Bedford

Bedford High School in Bedford NH ranks 9th and has has a 95% graduation rate with an enrollment of about 1,500 students.

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10. Moultonborough Academy – Moultonborough

Located in Moltonborough NH the Moultonborough Academy a smaller number of students and an impressive 91% graduation rate. This school ranks 10th in the state.

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How Much Is The Cost Of Living In New Hampshire?

Check out the living costs outlined below to find out whether New Hampshire is right for you and your family’s budget.

Overall Living Costs

The cost of living in New Hampshire is 5.4-18% more than the national average. However, when compared to surrounding cities such as New York and Albany, the cost of living here appears to be quite reasonable.

Taxes on purchases

One advantage of moving to New Hampshire is that there are no sales taxes on any purchases. This helps to alleviate some of the costs associated with living here.


Utilities are expensive, with some customers spending up to $477 per month for power, heating, water, cable, and internet. This means that the state’s overall utility prices are roughly 20.5 percent greater than the national average.


Groceries are extremely expensive, particularly in the state’s wealthier areas. In relation to the average, the price of groceries in New Hampshire is 7% higher.


But the news isn’t all negative. New Hampshire has one of the lowest automobile insurance premiums in the US, making transportation significantly more affordable. 

Gas prices are also lower than the national average, and public transportation in big cities is affordable. New Hampshire’s total transportation expenses are thus 12.4 percent lower than average.


That’s not all, though. The state’s healthcare costs are 12.3 percent cheaper than the national average.

So, if you’re considering moving to New Hampshire, you’ll need to think carefully about whether you can afford to do so comfortably. While some things in New Hampshire are markedly more expensive than other areas, there are many benefits too. 

What Are The People Like In New Hampshire?

Because of the abundance of natural resources, residents are naturally adventurous, and activities like hiking, camping, bike riding, and swimming are all popular.

New Hampshire is a really liberal state, with residents holding open and modern views on most social issues. However, like the rest of northern New England, it is predominantly white, with minority groups accounting for only 10% of the population.

Now let’s move on to schools. If you have children, having good schools in your new city is of vital importance to securing their future and increasing your family’s happiness. Keep reading to find out which schools are considered the best in New Hampshire. 

Final Thoughts – Best Schools in New Hampshire

According to a recent national education assessment, New Hampshire has one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in the country which means more attention paid to each student.  

However, it ranks last among all states in terms of state financing for public education – meaning that much of the school funding comes from taxpayers. 

However, it has a wide range of great schools in all areas and is sure to offer your children the best education possible as well as being a fantastic place to live.

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