Tower Hill In Candia NH – A Bike Ride With a Beautiful View

Not far from Massabesic Lake where many folks from Manchester and surrounding towns go for walks, hikes, bike rides, boating, relaxation, etc….is one of my most favorite places to ride my bike: Tower Hill.  It’s proximity to my home and simplicity of terrain makes it an easy destination for me when I’m heading out for a ride. Not to mention, it’s beautiful.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to drive there as I’m so close, I just ride my bike.  But if you turn into Tower Hill Rd. in Candia, you can park at the base of the road and you’ll have a nice, short hill to climb before getting to the main gate. If you’re not up for the hill, you can drive up and park alongside the road as many people do and begin your ride from there.

The trail around Tower Hill pond is just under three miles long.

From the road, it’s about a half mile until you get to the pond and begin the trail around.  So riding from the road gives you about a four mile ride. The trail is in great shape. There are some rocks and roots here and there, but nothing that a beginner or kids couldn’t ride over.  It’s a wide trail and has a few rolling-type hills. I’d suggest a mountain bike as opposed to a road bike, although it is doable. I have been loving that loop on my gravel bike lately.

The Views Around the Pond Are Awesome.  

It’s rarely a crowded trail so if you’re looking for a place that feels like your own little world, this is it!  Although, you might see some unique wildlife…my husband and I have spotted moose there before! I love getting to Tower Hill for a lunchtime ride to break up the work day, or ending a busy day to clear my mind.  But honestly, my favorite time to hit up Tower Hill is first thing in the morning. There’s something about being out there before anyone else. The pond is so calm, and the rising sun over the trees and water almost makes you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else.  But alas, you are still in beautiful New Hampshire enjoying what our granite state has to offer! It’s one of my favorite ways to start the day…try it, I dare you!

How To Make The Tower Hill Ride an Even Bigger Challenge

For those of you looking for a challenge, pedaling UP Tower Hill Rd is a real treat!  From the base of the road, it’s about one mile to the top and at one point hits a 15% grade.  Like I said, it’s a real treat! And it’s perfect if you’re in training. Just be sure to keep some water handy…and bug spray…whether you climb the hill or not, I’d recommend bug spray especially during the warmer months when you ride here.

Bicycling is one of my favorite forms of exercise.  It’s low impact and can be whatever intensity you want to make it.  Which means, it’s great for beginners to Pro athletes, and children to older adults.  Riding your bike at Tower Hill offers a place to ride without the worries of cars and trucks passing by, or having to use hand signals.  It allows you to enjoy nature and get some fresh air while exploring on two wheels. Have fun!

Karen Koutsavlis

Karen grew up in New Hampshire and has been living in Auburn for almost 10 years with her husband and two children. She provides corporate wellness programs for local companies through her business, New England 360 Fitness. She focuses on comprehensive programming that is practical and fun. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, traveling, the beach, and of course, exploring on her bike! Follow Karen along @NE360Fitness