Mold Testing NH – How NH Owners Can Ensure Their Home Air Quality Is Safe

Concord NH – I recently wanted to make sure the air quality in my house was safe for me and my family. I called up Joe Molloy from EOC Environmental based out of Tilton NH and he was great to work with on mold testing in my house. In this video learn how the Mold inspection and air quality testing process works.

Mold Testing and Air Quality Testing Explained By Joe Molloy of EOC Environmental Based Out Of Tilton NH

Mold Testing NH – How Mold Testing Works

Mold in your home or office is something you want to take seriously. The mold inspection process is pretty simple and cost effective and I will share my experience with it here. In short, call an expert like Joe Molloy and he will talk to you to understand what your situation is. He will then schedule a visit to your home or office to do the mold inspection. He will test the outdoor air quality at the location, then test a few spots in your home or office to compare the samples taken. Those samples will be sent to a lab and Joe will then write up a formal report based on the observations on site and based on the results of the mold testing lab results.

Once you have the results you will rest assured you don’t have mold and that your air quality is good. Or, if levels of harmful mold is discovered, Joe can recommend a Mold remediation company in New Hampshire to help you get rid of and treat it appropriately.

Who Should Get a Mold Test?

Anyone that has had flooding or water damage in the past should absolutely get air quality testing. Whether you cleaned it up yourself or had a company do it mold testing would be advised here. Also, anyone moving into a new home or office should consider getting a mold inspection.

Finally, anyone concerned with the overall air quality of their home and experiencing repeated sickness, watery eyes, sore throat, repeated coughing, and other symptoms like that should get a mold test done.

About EOC Environmental – Experts In Mold Testing NH

EOC Environmental provides homeowners and business owner’s peace of mind when it comes to solutions for environmental projects. 

Our licensed and fully insured staff has years of experience working on complex projects including mold inspection and assessments. Every project is different, but customer satisfaction is the most important part. Our diversified staff can tackle simple or large projects.

Based out of central New Hampshire, EOC is able to service all of New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, southern Maine, and eastern Vermont. Our experience and size allow us to service all shapes and sizes of projects.

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