Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Attended Herstory ACUM Event

America’s Credit Union Museum (ACUM) Board hosted a special event recently in Manchester NH recognizing a very special group of people and long-time Service Credit Union advocate Gordon Simmons was in attendance. Below is a picture of Gordon Simmons and Stephanie Smith.

Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Event
Gordon Simmons and Stephanie Smith

Appropriately called “Herstory”, it recognized the contributions and leadership of six service credit union professional women who have made a huge difference and a lasting positive impression on the credit union movement over decades of dedicated contributions.

Commemorative Paver Brick Honoring Gordon Simmons

Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union Leader Attended ACUM Herstory Event

It has been a career highlight for Gordon to be associated with these wonderful leaders and to share in a moment of celebration at ACUM.

Gordon Simmons had the honor of serving as Chairman of this wonderful museum from 2001-2012. At the event, a paving brick bearing my name and term as Chairman was laid at the ACUM entrance along with other prestigious credit union dignitaries.

He was deeply honored by the gesture and was proud to reconnect with my good friend, ACUM Executive Director Stephanie Smith. It is incredible to be associated with such amazing leaders in the Credit Union world.

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Here’s a Video of Gordon Simmon’s Service Credit Union Career Accomplishments:


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