Twelve 31 Events – Tilton New Hampshire

Twelve 31 opened in May of 2018 and was started my Chef Melissa Dolpies and Mike Dolpies. I always make it a point to become friends with Chefs at any occasion and it has been a wise move. Melissa and Mike make some delicious foods and do a great job catering.

Mike and Melissa Dolpies – Owners of Twelve 31 Events

What’s The Meaning of The “Twelve 31 Events” Name?

New Year’s Eve definitely has a significance in the the name. After deciding on incorporating that date Melissa and Mike did some research on the number 1231 and it turns out it’s what’s called an angel number and has a lot of really positive meanings behind it in regards to following your dreams and finding success. So the name Twelve 31 was born and it was perfect! It also cool because people are always curious what it means and we get that question a lot so it’s a fun way to interact with guests and clients at events.

I Attended The Grand Opening of Twelve 31 Events in 2018

Leading up to their grand opening in May of 2018 I got to experience a lot of their culinary creations as a Guinea Pig. I was quite ok with that and welcomed the opportunity anytime it came up.

What Twelve 31 Events Offer

Twelve 31 provides delicious, high-quality food. Their focus is catering for large and small corporate and social events. They handle it all from, big weddings, to small parties to business and corporate events of all sizes from the breakfast or lunch meeting to the annual employee or customer appreciation party.

I Asked The Twelve 31 Events Team What Their Top 3 Favorites On Their Menu Are and They Said:

“Top 3… So hard. Our banquet staff loves our Sliced Beef Tenderloin with Red Onion Marmalade, Seafood Chowda and really any of our Tray Favs (so hard to choose).” I have personally tried Chef Melissa’s ‘Seafood Chowda’ and it is amazing. She grew up in Boston so she knows chowder well and it is very apparent trying this hearty dish.

Here’s a Video of Me Trying Twelve 31 Event’s Famous Pizza Dip (SO GOOD!)

More About Twelve 31 Events Tilton NH

Twelve 31 Events has a commercial kitchen is located in the Lakes Region right in Tilton, NH. They deliver to and cater events (see also ‘The Best Caterers In New Hampshire‘) in the Greater Concord NH area and all of the Lakes Region. Just ask and they would be happy to accommodate you no matter where in New Hampshire your event might be.

They have a beautiful client meeting room where we can provide consultations and host tastings. Their space is also available to host intimate private events or business meetings. Let Twelve 31 Events plan, coordinate, and execute the very best for you. You can find them at 261 Main Street, Tilton New Hampshire. Their website is and you can reach them by phone at (603)-818-0012


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