Things To Do In Hanover NH

New Hampshire has a lot of hidden gems, and one of its best is the town of Hanover in Grafton County. 

Found alongside the Connecticut River, Hanover is home to an Ivy League university, one of the US Army’s key engineering laboratories, and surrounded by hiking trails and wilderness.

As a result, it’s easily one of the best towns to visit in New Hampshire – but what exactly can you do there?

If you are looking for some fun activities and trips to take while visiting Hanover, New Hampshire, then this is the place for you. Check out our recommendations down below and enjoy your visit to Hanover! 

Visit The Hood Museum Of Art

The Hood Museum of Art is operated by Dartmouth College, and is home to many art collections from around the world.

There, you can find over 2,000 objects reflecting different regions of Africa and its cultures, photographic work ranging from contemporary to social documentary, and Native American sculptures, clothing, art and more. 

If you have an interest in art and history, and where the two intersect all around the world, then the Hood Museum of Art is the place for you.

There is so much to explore and discover here so take advantage of your trip to Hanover to visit Dartmouth College’s massive collection of culture and art. 

Watch A Movie At The Nugget Theater 

If you want a different taste of history, then visiting the Nugget Theater is a great way to enjoy entertainment in an old-fashioned style. 

The Nugget Theater is a small yet quaint moviehouse that first opened way back in 1916. There’s only four total screenings but this gives you the opportunity to watch a movie while surrounded by history and charm.

As a result, the Nugget remains one of the most beloved buildings in Hanover – so make sure you book those tickets in advance to make sure you have a seat saved for you! 

Visit Lou’s Bakery 

The great way to kick off your trip is with a nice, hearty breakfast each morning – and one of the best places to eat is Lou’s Bakery. 

You can find Lou’s Bakery over on Main Street, along with some of the finest breakfast foods in the country. Whether it’s french toast, waffles, omelets, or pancakes – Lou’s menu is filled with all kinds of breakfast meals.

If you want something smaller, then just check out the treats available at the bakery – cookies, muffins, donuts, pastries. 

 Lou’s Bakery sells their breakfast all day, so no matter what time you are ready to check in and try out their menu, your ideal breakfast will be ready and waiting for you.  

Take A Hike Up Moose Mountain

Hikers love New Hampshire and one of the best hiking trails near Hanover is the Moose Mountain Trail. 

Moose Mountain is a small lollipop loop which will take you right up to the southern peak of Moose Mountain.

During your hike, you will venture deep into the wilderness, passing bogs and streams and rivers, heading up and up the mountain  until you reach the top and look down over the forestry before you. 

It’s a wonderful hike which is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of town. You get the change to indulge in nature and find some peace before you head back for more adventures. 

Enjoy Steak And Seafood At Jesse’s 

Lou’s Bakery has your breakfast covered, but what about dinner? 

Jesse’s is a great steakhouse in Hanover which also serves amazing seafood. All of its meals are fresh and expertly cooked, and you are sure to find the ideal meal for you.

You can try something new or a classic favorite you enjoy having again and again – roasted brussel sprout salad, teriyaki steak, thai orange chicken, Alaskan king crab legs, Maine lobster. 

With affordable prices and a great selection of meals to try, Jesse’s is the ulatimte restaurant in Hanover.

Try Skiing At Dartmouth Skiway 

The great thing about having Dartmouth University is its range of facilities open to the public. One is the Dartmouth Skiway, which Hanover visitors can visit to try out skiing during the winter. 

Overall, there is a total of 104 acres of skiable terrain, with the longest trail stretching 1.25 miles. There are two main slopes, Winslow and Holt’s Ledge, which offer lift access and different paths that range in difficulty.

So, there’s something here for all skiers from the novice to the experts. There’s even a Snow Sports School which helps young kids find their feet – or should we say, their skis! 

Visit The Panarchy Society

This final entry on our list is definitely a curiosity and if you have an interest in the weird and wonderful, this is definitely a trip that will pique your interest. 

The Panarchy Tomb Room is one of Hanover’s greatest mysteries. It’s a room found within a large, white column-designed house from the 1800s.

At first, the house was just a residence house but in 1993, it was taken over by the Panarchy society from Dartmouth College. Then – the Tomb Room came to light. 

The Tomb Room is a stone chamber built with concrete thrones and an altar. No one knows who built the Tomb Room to the Panarchy house or why, but many theories stretch from satanic rituals to fraternity initiations. 

Unfortunately, the Tomb Room itself is currently not open to the public but you can still pass the house and take a peek at the mysteries it holds. 

Final Thoughts

So, you can find a ton of different things to do during your visit to Hanover. 

There’s great food to try, mysteries to unravel, and adventures to try out either alone or with your friends and family. Whether you love art, sports, nature, or simply sitting back and enjoying the novelty of being somewhere new – Hanover has something for everyone. 

Now all you have to do is book your trip to Hanover! Choose what activities you want to do, book your hotel, and enjoy your trip! 


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at