The Pass Along Project Is a NH-Based Non Profit Helping Foster Kids

Children in Foster Care often arrive suddenly with only the clothes on their back. The Pass Along Project is a NH-based Non Profit that helps to collect and redistribute gently used clothing as age and gender specific “bundles” to Foster children in need.  Each bundle consists of enough clothing for a full week as a basic startup – similar to what most families purchase at the beginning of a school year.  In short, The Pass Along Project is a new distribution method, conducive to the needs of Foster Parents.​

Check Out This Short Video About The Pass Along Project And How They Help Foster Children In Need

The Clothing already exists — most of us call them “hand-me-downs”.  (we call them “Pass Alongs”!)  

However, availability is unreliable, and coordination of drop-off is not an easy task for Foster parents dealing with a child in crisis.   

Foster parents or their State Resource Worker simply need to call, text, or email with the sizes and gender of the child(ren). We contact the local location to relay the message and coordinate a delivery from our pre-built stock.

This pre-built stock is organized through “Sorting Events”. We look to the host of the Sorting Event to provide a dry, smoke free environment that is big enough to house banquet tables, chairs and bags of clothes and hangers. The Pass Along Project coordinates with the Host to send out news blasts asking local volunteers and Student Leaders looking for working credit, to attend the event in which we sift through “Pass Alongs” to ensure the consignment worthy clothing is age appropriate, clean, and is new or of like new quality.

Learn How You Can Help The Pass Along Project

The absolute best way you can help them is to go to their website and see how you can support their Sorting events and Clothing Drives.


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