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I’ll admit, I love some of those antique shows on television where people find amazing old antiques and find out how much they are worth! The thrill of the search is the essence of antiquing, and within New Hampshire, you’ll enjoy looking for the ideal relics of the past to add to your collection, exhibit in your house, or flaunt in the workplace.

The Merrimack Valley in New Hampshire is home to the biggest antiques district in all of New England, and the section of Route 4 from Lee to Chichester is aptly referred to as “Antique Alley.” With New Hampshire being one of the first settled places in the United States people have been living here for a long time and there are many hidden treasures that can be found within the state.

At unique stores in this area, more than 500 sellers offer anything from furnishings to vintage jewellery. The New Hampshire Antiques Co-Op with 200 dealers in Milford makes looking for unique goods both quick and enjoyable.

There are many more antique stores dotted across New Hampshire, and we’ll be going through a collection of the best ones in this article. Keep reading and get ready to hunt for the best antiques in the state!

10 Of New Hampshire’s Best Antique Stores

Are you searching for antiques to use as home décor? We’ve highlighted 10 of New Hampshire’s top antique stores in this article.

To learn more about what they can provide for you, keep reading!

101A Antique And Collectible Center – Amherst

Looking for a unique item for your house? Or perhaps you’re just trying to pass some time.

It’s always fun to go antiquing, and in Amherst, at 101A Antique and Collectible Center, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll adore.

Browse their gallery if you’d want to see what you could be able to locate at this antique shop.

There are many enjoyable things to discover at this vintage antique store and you’re bound to find the perfect item!

New Hampshire Antique Co-op – Milford

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a fantastic antique shop in Milford, New Hampshire. You may find many interesting antiques here, and the staff is also very helpful.

To find out what they could have available when you come here, you might look at the web store of the New Hampshire Antique Co-Op.

Whatever you came here to search for, you’ll leave with a priceless find.

Antiques On Elm – Manchester

Hoping to spend some time in a Manchester, New Hampshire antique shop? You could easily spend hours at this shop perusing the racks and admiring the one-of-a-kind treasures they have on sale.

Everything you need to learn regarding Antiques on Elm is available on their website. When you come in person, you’ll be astounded by the excellent items available.

You can find anything here whether you’re seeking jewelry, new furniture, art, a great book, or any of these things.

Concord Antiques – Concord

This antique shop may be found in Concord. You can easily spend hours here perusing the shelves and are sure to find something intriguing to bring home.

Going to Concord Antiques will make it easy for you to spend hours perusing what they have for sale.

There are many hidden gems to discover, such as furniture, jewelry, and many other unusual items. The employees will also provide you with incredibly friendly service!

RS Butler Trading Company – Northwood

If you live in Northwood, New Hampshire, have you been seeking a fun antique shop to visit? You’ll like visiting RS Butlers Trading Company. You may check out a tonne of great antiques here.

You’re interested in what RS Butlers Trading Company can provide, right? You should check out some of the goods they have available in their online store.

There are many enjoyable and fascinating things to look at, and you’ll discover something that will excite you.

Laconia Antique Center

The Laconia Antique Center is the place to go if you’re looking for an antique shop in Laconia, New Hampshire. Finding something intriguing to bring home won’t be difficult here.

Start by looking at their gallery and featured products if you’re curious about the kinds of gems you might be able to uncover at Laconia Antique Center.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll undoubtedly find something that you’ll want to bring home.

The Modern Antique – Milford

Check out what this amazing store has to offer; you’ll love it. The Modern Antique is the location to go to if you’ve been considering looking for an antique shop to visit in Milford, New Hampshire.

On their homepage, you may get all the information you require about this antique shop. You can find many wonderful items here, and the proprietor and employees will help you feel at home.

Back Bay Antique Gallery – Wolfeboro

Want to visit an antique store within Wolfeboro, New Hampshire? There are many wonderful items to be found at this beautiful antique gallery.

Additionally, you can rely on the kind and educated personnel to ensure that you leave with a wonderful souvenir.

Their homepage contains all the information you require. When you come here, you’ll discover many wonderful things. Here, you can find interesting items whether you’re seeking for collectibles, furniture, or both.

The Yellow Barn – Stratham

This antique shop is located within Stratham, New Hampshire. You can find a tone of beautiful items here, and the friendly staff will assist you in finding what you require.

Check out what you could be able to discover here on the website to get a clearer sense of what this unique store can provide for you.

This antique shop has a variety of objects, including furnishings, mirrors, and artwork, so you’re sure to discover something interesting.

Wiswall House – Durham

Anyone in Durham looking to visit a fantastic antique shop should think about going to this fabulous antique paradise.

You’ll discover a variety of entertaining goods at this shop, and the employees will be pleased to assist you in finding something you’ll adore.

On their homepage, Wiswall House Antiques lists every item they have to sell. You can purchase anything you need from furniture to lighting when you come here.

Final Thoughts

New Hampshire antique shops are great for a day of happy hunting since they have everything from furnishings and rugs to china and collectibles.

Choose a small town with a concentration of antique stores where you may browse more leisurely and obtain knowledgeable assistance.

Make contact in advance if you want to visit a specialty dealer who deals in antiquarian books, jewelry, or lace, for instance. These dealers may only accept appointments.

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