A New Hampshire Corporate Wellness Consultant – Micah Aders

Sometime back I got to meet a very interesting gentlemen by the name of Micah Aders. I met Micah at a business networking meeting and he told me about his NH corporate wellness consulting business. I was intrigued by our conversation so I decided to sit down and interview Micah about his business Onsite Health Solutions of New England.

Micah, How did you get into the Corporate Wellness business?  

I have been a pilot for JetBlue for the last 15 years.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were times that I thought I might lose my job.  I did not like that feeling and decided that it was time to scratch my entrepreneurial itch!  Onsite Health Solutions started in Kentucky (where I’m originally from) 30 years ago.  I met the owner through a relative and discovered that he wanted to expand into new markets.  After discussing the New England market, he decided to make me a distributor for the area.

My wife is a nurse and we both work diligently to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  When I began flying I in my 20’s, I noticed that most older pilots did not appear to be healthy.  

I made a promise to myself to never be one of those pilots.  Most careers place demands on us that lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits.  

When I learned about Onsite Health Solutions, I realized it was a great opportunity to help people develop and maintain healthy habits so they don’t end up like a lot of those pilots I observed walking through the terminal.

What does a Corporate Wellness program include for services? 

On Site Wellness Solutions

“Our program includes a digital wellness platform called Wellright.  Every business needs a wellness program that fits their needs.  Wellright is highly customizable, allowing us to design an effective program.  It comes with an app and also syncs to a variety of devices such as Apple Watch and Fitbit.  Employees log in to their account and choose from a variety of different incentive programs to earn points.  Once the employee accumulates enough points, they receive an incentive.  The incentive can be gift cards, premium discounts or HSA/FSA deposits.  Employees can also set up challenges with each other.  Finally, Wellright also has an educational feature that has hundreds of modules, covering many different categories.

A well designed wellness program also includes annual biometric screenings.  These screenings are a good way to give the employee a snapshot of their health and track their progress.  We realize that most people are busy and adding another appointment to their schedule will deter some from getting their screenings.  We remove this barrier by coming to the place of business and screening the employees at the worksite.  These screenings take just a few minutes and we are able to produce their results immediately.”

What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellness program?  

There are many benefits to a Corporate Wellness Program.  They benefit the employee by helping them create healthy lifestyle habits.  Healthy lifestyle habits lead to lower health risks and chronic disease, helping the employee to feel better both at work and home.

Benefits to the employer are higher productivity, lower absenteeism, reduced health care costs, better employee retention/recruitment, and a positive workplace culture.  I want to explain what I mean by reduced health care costs.  A wellness program won’t lower costs, however it will slow the rate of increase over time.  Studies show that after 3 years, on average, a business will save 3.27 dollars in health care cost for every dollar spent on a wellness program.  

What kind of business is a good fit for a Corporate Wellness program? 

Most businesses would benefit from a program.  The best fit is a business that cares about their employees, has low turnover (due to the time it takes to realize the benefits), and realizes that their employees are one of their most important assets.  Businesses that are self insured are also a great fit.  

What are some things people should know about Corporate Wellness and how your business is different? 

We aren’t interested in setting up a cookie cutter wellness program.  We strive to tailor it to the needs and culture of the business.  Every employee group is different, so every employee group needs a unique wellness program to help them reach their goals.  We have the ability to create that type of program.  After the program is created, we will manage it so that our clients can focus their efforts on the aspects of their business that need their attention.  

What is the main benefit people get doing business with you? 

The main benefit of partnering with us is that we are flexible, local and available.  When a client has a need, they can make a call and we will answer.  There is no phone tree or call back service.  We have a team that is eager to make wellness easy for our clients. 

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making as related to your business?  

The biggest mistake businesses make is having an ineffective wellness program.  An ineffective wellness program is just going to cost money and leave a bad taste in the mouth of the employer and employee.  That’s why it is so important to have someone like us to help them take the time to develop a program that will be effective and easy.

Anything I didn’t ask about your business that I should have asked? 

Yes.  What does an onsite biometric screening look like?  I’m glad you asked!  

Employees will sign up and be scheduled in advance. Ideally we send a team to the place of business early in the morning.   Employees who opt in will need to fast the night before.  We don’t want them hungry all day at work.

Our team will need a table, 2 chairs, a trash can and an electrical outlet.  

A standard screening will include height, weight, waist measurement, BMI, cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure.  The cholesterol and glucose require a finger stick for the blood sample and results are generated in 90 seconds.  

Our team will go over the results with the employee and give them a copy of their results to take with them.  We will enter the data into the digital wellness program after all the screenings are completed.

We are careful to protect the privacy of the employee’s health information.

What’s your favorite thing about New Hampshire? 

New Hampshire is an outdoorsman’s paradise.  My wife and I love the outdoors and New Hampshire has such a diverse offering of outdoor adventure.  I’ve lived in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Colorado, and none of those places can compete with New Hampshire in this way! 

What is your website address and what are your social media pages you want me to include?  


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