Winnies Socks – NH Entrepreneur Created An Innovative Product To Make Life Easier

In September of 2018 a New Hampshire-based entrepreneur Kara Brunetta launched Winnies Socks and sold her first pair of her patented creation. Winnies Socks are slipper socks with an easy removable hard sole that makes it easy to slip them off and on to go in and out of your house. Kara owned a lake house on Lake Winniepesaukee NH and she found it very helpful to be able to easily slip these on and off to take her dog out for instance.

She launched her website at and it became a hit. Kara created her product and brand because she “loves wearing thick, cozy slipper socks and would get frustrated when she’d have to take them off to go outside so she developed a product to solve her frustration, and the frustration of others!”

Here’s a Video About Winnies Socks and How They Work

What To Know About Winnies Socks and How It Is Different Than Other Options

Kara’s business was inspired while spending time on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH.  In hopes to inspire children through the great outdoors and community, 10% of proceeds go towards sending children to summer camp in NH. 

Kara from Winnies Socks

What is the main benefit of Winnies Socks?  

They can finally wear cozy, comfy slipper socks indoors AND outdoors.  No need to take off their cozy, comfy slippers socks next time they need to go outside. 

Who should consider getting a pair of Winnies Socks?  

Anyone who loves to be warm and comfortable. Check out this video from a YouTuber who made a visit to New Hampshire to experience Fall in NH and try out the Winnies Socks.

What’s your favorite thing about New Hampshire?  

How easy it is to enjoy the outdoors – from the ocean, to lakes to mountains

To learn more about Winnies Socks

You can learn more about Winnies Socks by visiting Kara’s website at

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