What Do You Need for Overlanding in New Hampshire

Overlanding in New Hampshire is something that everyone needs to do. The place is particularly notorious for its colorful landscapes during the fall and scenic highways, and it is just as popular during the other seasons. This is why you should pack your gear and hit the road. 

Still, what should you pack with you on an overlanding trip through New Hampshire? We’ve prepared a list for you, from the essentials to certain bonuses that will make your trip even more comfortable and fun. Let’s get started!

First – What Is Overlanding?

When I refer to Overlanding some people call it Overland Camping. It a nutshell, Overlanding is a combination of off-roading and camping rolled into one fun experience. New Hampshire is a beautiful state that’s perfect for this kind of self-sufficient travel as we have wonderful terrain to explore!

Here is a list of Overlanding Supplies to Pack on Your Adventure

  1. Camera

This is a no-brainer, but you cannot go on a trip to New Hampshire without a camera on you. One look at the scenery and you will regret being unable to capture it. 

Depending on the circumstances, you might just get away with using your phone as a camera (especially if you have a new phone with a powerful camera built in), but ideally, you should bring an actual battery-powered camera with you, with a fresh set of batteries. The last thing you want is for your phone battery to run out in the middle of a beautiful route.

  1. All-Terrain Tires

New Hampshire has a variety of terrains, from straight to rocky, dry to muddy. You don’t want to get stuck driving through these roads, so you need to make sure that your vehicle can take anything you throw at it. It needs to be stable at all times, no matter if you are driving through paved roads, countrysides, or hillsides.

A good seat of all-terrain tires can help you through everything that New Hampshire might try to surprise you with. These tires are durable while versatile and may be used on any terrain in any season. This way, you can overland through New Hampshire without having to drop from auto shop to auto shop in order to change your tires.

  1. Camping Equipment

Camping gear is likely one of the most important things you have to consider when you are overlanding through New Hampshire. Indeed, there are plenty of places where you can get a bed and a breakfast, but why do that when there are so many campsites around? But for this, you will need to pack some essential camping gear with us. 

First things first, a good tent goes a long way. Make sure that you get one that is properly sealed so that it does not get flooded when there’s rain. If you are feeling fancy and don’t want the sun bothering you, go for a tent that has Fresh & Black technology. This will keep the sun out and your tent cool. If you can, grab a tarp as well. It will allow you to stay outdoors while protecting you from the elements. 

Evenings can get pretty cold, so make sure that your sleeping bag can withstand that specific temperature. Getting a sleeping bag fit for lower temperatures is always best. Heating pads can also go a long way here, especially if you have a warmth-retaining sleeping bag. 

Foam sleeping pads are cool, but if you are looking for comfort while overlanding, you might want to consider bringing an air mattress instead. It will keep you off the ground and it will keep you comfortable. Throw in a travel-sized pillow as well, to help you sleep better. 

If the weather announces to be chilly, then you might need a tent heater too – especially if you tend to get cold. A travel-sized lantern or flashlight is also essential, both for inside and outside the tent. Your “dining supplies” should also be here. Folding tables and chairs might prove very convenient. Don’t forget to bring cooking supplies, as well as plates and utensils. After all, camping is not complete without a good meal.

  1. Hiking and Adventure Gear

Overlanding is by itself an adventure, and there is nothing like traveling to New Hampshire by car. That being said, there are certain places where you will not be able to go by car. If you want to reach some of the most breathtaking landscapes in New Hampshire, to see everything that nature has to offer there, then you must be willing to do some hiking. 

Plus, this can prove healthy for you. Sitting in a car seat the whole time can’t be very comfortable, and it certainly won’t do your back and muscles much good. A quick hiking trip to the beautiful New Hampshire peaks can easily help you stretch your legs and work your muscles a bit. 

Make sure to pack some hiking boots, clothing layers, a light backpack, and a map. You may also want to pack some bug spray, especially if you are walking through the woods during the summer. If you don’t, the insects will eat you alive. A water bottle is also essential, ideally one with thermal properties that can keep the water cool. You’ll be walking and sweating a lot, so you will certainly get thirsty at some point. 

If you want to take your adventure a step further, then your hiking gear should also include some adventure-oriented accessories. Rock climbing gear is a must because New Hampshire has many such areas. If you have the cargo space, then you might want to consider packing a mountain bike, canoe or kayak as well. This will make sure to keep you active. 

  1. Navigation Equipment

New Hampshire is a big place with many side roads, so you do not want to get lost. This is why you need to bring navigation equipment with you. A GPS system or a navigation app can help you a lot in these circumstances. Good tools may also suggest some interesting stopping points. 

For circumstances where you are running low on battery power or signal, you might want to go for the old-fashioned accessories: travel map and compass. You may never know when the electronic gear might give up on you for various reasons, so you always need to have a good backup plan.

  1. Layered Clothing

Temperatures in New Hampshire can get kind of confusing, depending on the season that you are traveling in – and even then, you may not get a clear idea. You may get a very sunny day in late fall, or you may get a very cold day or night during summer. Even if the weather forecast says it’s going to be warm and sunny most of the time, you can never be sure when the weather will change – be it for only one day or night. 

Bring a set of light clothing, but also pack things that are designed to keep you warm. Rain gear is also a must. For instance, a rain jacket might come very much in handy if you are caught in the rain. Since you will likely be traveling a lot by car, you will not have the advantage of always having your hotel nearby. 

Aside from T-shirts, bring some long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts as well. It is always better to layer up and be able to easily take them off when the temperatures change.

  1. Swimwear 

You might not have thought about swimwear when you began packing your bags, but you might want to consider doing that now. There’s nothing like passing a beautiful beach and you will regret not packing your beach gear. Sure, you might buy something on the road – but who knows whether you can find any shops nearby or not?

And there are many wonderful places where you can swim. New Hampshire has around 13 miles of coastline, with multiple gorgeous beaches such as Hampton or Rye. That swimming gear will also help you in other beautiful swimming places, such as Lake Winnipesaukee. That one is a popular spot for overlanders, as there are also campgrounds there – so, do not forget to pack up your swimwear!

At the same time, throw in some sunscreen, because the sun can get pretty harsh in New Hampshire during the summer. Also, pack in some towels, and perhaps a blanket or two. Nothing beats an impromptu picnic at the beach. 

  1. Travel-Friendly Games

You may not always have something interesting to see and being stuck in the car with nothing to do can be nerve-racking – especially if you are overlanding with kids. Sure, New Hampshire may have beautiful sights to see – but occasionally, you may end up stuck in traffic, or passing through a long countryside field. Counting cows may only entertain you so far.

This is why you will need some travel-friendly games. Something like a portable Scrabble kit may work well when you are camping, but make sure you also get some car-friendly games. Card games are usually a good option, but road trip question games are also great. This way, you may involve the driver as well, without having them take their eyes off the road.

Final Thoughts – Overlanding in New Hampshire

Overlanding through New Hampshire can certainly be relaxing, regardless of the season. You have many things to see, and so many things to do. You’ll just have to make sure you pack everything you’ll need, and you’ll be good to go.

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Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at www.HereInNewHampshire.com