The New Hampshire Seasonal Insect Guide

If you have a home in New Hampshire, it’s likely that an array of different pests will try and find refuge in your home.

They won’t ask permission, they won’t pay rent, and once they’re settled they can be pretty hard to evict too. And some of these creepy little crawlers are actually pretty dangerous and can carry some serious diseases.

Prevention is usually the best cure in these types of situations. But to be prepared to keep out all these unwelcome visitors, you’re going to need to know exactly what and who is planning on sneaking their way into your home.

So, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most likely visitors and when in the season they’ll try and move in with you.

This way, you can ensure that before the time comes, you have implemented strategies to try and deny them access to your beautiful home.

Spring & Summer Pests

We all love spring and summer, right? The temperate starts creeping back up and we get to bask in all that warm weather. Unfortunately, we’re not the only species that enjoys the sunshine.

Below you’ll find the insects that are most likely to be about during those spring and summer months.


The New Hampshire Seasonal Insect Guide - Tick

Ticks are vile little creatures that you want to keep as far away from you as possible. Unlike many creepy crawlies that just look scary. These things can actually do a lot of damage because they have the ability to transmit Lyme disease.

And in fact, between 2004-2016 there were more than 13,000 tick-related diseases reported.

Around 60% of all ticks in New Hampshire are infected with bacterium that can lead to Lyme disease, so it is super important to research the ways in which to reduce a tick home invasion.

Black Flies

These buzzing black flies will also start to appear much more often once you enter the month of May.

You can expect them to stick around until the end of July too. They tend to breed close to running water so if you live near any, you’ll want to prepare your house to keep them away.

Other than just being very annoying and incredibly gross, they pose another problem too. They’ll happily nip and bite at both you and your pets. While they don’t pose quite the same risks as a tick bite, it still won’t be pleasant at all. T

These bites can cause a whole lot of itching, irritation, and in some cases swelling too.

Carpenter Ants

Ah. The small but mighty ant. These things may not seem all that troublesome alone, but they are never alone.

And a colony of ants taking over your home is going to be something you notice, and something you do not want. It makes my skin itch just thinking about it.

Now, these ants won’t necessarily harm you, but they will hollow out your wood to build a nest.

Since nobody wants an ants nest in their home, you’ll want to ensure that any water damage in your home is fixed by the spring and summer months. This is because carpenter ants love rotted and damp wood.


The New Hampshire Seasonal Insect Guide - termite

Termites come alive during the spring and summer, and they are fairly commonly known for being a house’s worst nightmare.

They are attracted to the wood within your home but the damage they have the ability to cause is truly unbelievable.

At even the slightest hint or indication that there may be termites in your home call a pest control company. I cannot stress this enough.


Cockroaches are an insect that is greeted with a shriek by humans when they are located.

But it doesn’t seem to faze them much considering that they will linger from the beginning of spring all the way through to fall. It’s only during the wintertime that they will go into hibernation.

Are cockroaches a threat? Potentially, other than being just generally smelly and disgusting, they also trigger asthma and carry some nasty bacteria that can make you pretty poorly if it gets on your food.

Fall & Winter Pests

When it gets colder, we all like to wrap up warm, right? Well, bugs and insects feel pretty much the exact same way. It gets too cold for them outside and so they come creeping in seeking refuge in your much warmer home.

Stink Bugs

These pesky little bugs are something you don’t want in your home, but they’ll come crawling in during the fall and winter months.

But the worst thing about them is that once they’ve settled somewhere nice and warm and cozy, they’ll release pheromones to let all their other stink-bug friends know where to come.

So not only do they invite themselves into your home, but they thing bring a whole party of other homeless stink bugs too.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

The New Hampshire Seasonal Insect Guide - Western Conifer Seed Bug

These bugs tend to spend most of the warmer months outside. As their name suggests they like to sit on coniferous trees and feed on their seeds.

However, once the heat from the sun begins to fade, they start to make their way into the homes of New Hampshire residents.

They do at least have the common courtesy not to sting, bite, or generally harm their hosts. But nevertheless, they can cause quite a nuisance, and you just don’t want bugs of any kind in your home.

Asian Ladybugs/Ladybeetles

Have you ever heard of anything as outrageous as something breaking and entering its way into your home, biting you, and releasing the foulest stomach-churning fluid in your home if you then disturb them?

Well, that is the way of the Asian ladybug or ladybeetle. They get sick of the drop in temperature and come seeking refuge in your home, only to cause quite a commotion once they’re here.


Now, I know that these are not insects. But they are still worth noting because these common winter pests have a habit of bringing a whole host of insects along with them wherever they go.

Lice, ticks, and fleas all tend to follow these squeaky disease carriers. So if you see mice in your home, you need to get rid and get rid quickly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many different threats in terms of home invasions in New Hampshire, and being prepared for the onslaught is essential if you want to keep the guests in your home a little more exclusive.

That is why it is so important to acquaint yourself with these insect ninjas that are ready to stealthy sneak inside your home.

Once you are aware of exactly what, who, and when these bugs are going to attempt to invade your home, you can be sure that you have things in place that will ensure that they fail.

If the worst should happen, and these critters and creatures do, against all odds, still manage to make their way into your home, you will want to contact your local pest control.

And the sooner the better. All of these insects have a habit of growing in numbers exponentially and the damage that they can do can be irreparable, both to your home and your health.


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at