Prime Time Grilled Cheese Food Truck

This past weekend my girlfriend and I ventured down to Litherman’s Limited Brewery in Concord New Hampshire specifically to experience the gourmet grilled cheese creations of “Prime Time Grilled Cheese,” a food truck based out of Manchester New Hampshire.

As soon as I saw the Facebook post from Litherman’s that this food truck would be setting up shop outside their brewery, I checked the “I’m Going” box on Facebook and prepared myself mentally for grilled cheese heaven. Saturday arrived and after a morning of starving myself to make room in my belly I hopped into my Jeep with my girlfriend and my French Bulldog Augie and sped down to Litherman’s.

About Prime Time Grilled Cheese

I checked out the Prime Time Grilled Cheese website and learned that the owners Alex and Marcie dreamed of opening a restaurant, and in 2018 their dream came true. They honed their craft at home creating delicious grilled cheese creations for their four beautiful kids.

After trying a couple of Litherman’s tasty beverages I approached the ordering window of Prime Time Grilled Cheese. I was greeted very pleasantly by the owners and I placed my order. (They even complimened me on my sunglasses). They gave me a cool little Mini-buzzer to let me know when my order was ready and I liked that touch. I went back to my outside table at Litherman’s to continue soaking up some sun and sipping on my frosty beverage. Below is an image of their Food Truck.

Introducing The Mouth-Watering “Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich”

So when I went up to the order window I saw the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich and I instantly decided to go with that option. I am a sucker for spicy food options! Pro tip: I also decided to add in some Buffalo Chicken inside my sandwich so I could get a little protein in there too. It was a great decision.

After a short wait, my buzzer buzzed signaling that my order was ready. I was instantly surprised at how big the sandwich was and I am glad that my girlfriend and I had decided to split the sandwich. My first bite was cheesy and delicious! We had to use a fork because it was so thick but every bite was amazing.

Below is a photo of this fabulous culinary creation:

The Other Delicious Creations From Prime Time Grilled Cheese

They have some truly awesome looking menu items and if I wasn’t so full from the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese my girlfriend and I share I would have tried more. Next time! You can see their full menu here but the other items that caught my eye included The Super Sloppy Joe and The Marshmallow and Nutella S’Mores. Wow!

How To Get In Touch With Prime Time Grilled Cheese

You can reach the Prime Time Grilled Cheese owners Alex and Marcie via email at or via phone at 603-262-0836. They are based out of Manchester New Hampshire and you can see their website here. Hopefully you get to track them down and experience their tasty creations some time soon! Enjoy!


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at