Ultimate List Of New Hampshire Historical Sites

If you love historical sites, you’re going to love New Hampshire. This state, found in New England, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, culture, and its important historical significance.

So if you are in New Hampshire and wish to absorb the state’s rich history, here are the sites that you should visit!

Ultimate List Of New Hampshire Historical Sites

1. Strawbery Banke Museum

Our first pick is the Strawbery Banke Museum. Found in Portsmouth, this outdoor museum is home to restored buildings. The history of the neighborhood dates back to the year 1630. This campus covers approximately 10 acres, giving you plenty to explore.

It’s worth taking a tour of these buildings to learn all about their fascinating history. This historical site is particularly fantastic for families.

Regular events are held at this museum. During the winter months, the Strawbery Banke Museum also hosts an impressive skating rink.

2. Castle In The Clouds

The Castle in the Clouds is a beautiful estate nestled in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Built in 1913, the Castle in the Clouds features charming architecture and furnishings.

As the name suggests, Castle in the Clouds is located on the top of a hill. Consequently, it’s an ideal location for hikers. Not to mention, it offers impressive views that you are sure to love.

Nowadays, this luxurious estate is home to regular events, so be sure to check these out. Moreover, Castle in the Clouds can be booked for weddings and other events. There’s also an onsite dining facility here, giving you plenty of options during your visit.

3. American Independence Museum

The American Independence Museum was founded in 1991 as a celebration of America’s freedom. This museum strives to help people to understand the price of freedom and the struggles that Americans experienced to achieve it.

The museum consists of two buildings, namely the Ladd-Gilman House (1721) and the Folsom Tavern (1775). This tavern is the perfect place to grab a refreshing beer in a building of historic importance.

4. Zimmerman House

Zimmerman House is a museum that dates back to 1951. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this house was originally made for the Zimmerman family.

However, the house was eventually donated to the Currier Museum of Art, which now hosts tours of this historic building. 

The house was uniquely designed to suit the lifestyle of the Zimmerman family. It’s filled with amazing art and offers an interesting glimpse into the past.

5. Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

New England is well-known for its lighthouses. One of the oldest and most famous lighthouses in New England is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse found in New Castle, New Hampshire.

Erected in 1878, this lighthouse was built as a replacement for the original lighthouse, which was completed in 1771.

This lighthouse is especially atmospheric during sunset. If you want to see this lighthouse in all its glory, it’s worth visiting it around this time to see the beautiful colors of the sky bouncing off the building.

6. Daniel Webster Birthplace

Daniel Webster was a famous American statesman who was alive from 1782 to 1852. The Daniel Webster Birthplace State Historic Site marks the birthplace of this iconic figure in American history.

It’s fascinating to experience this symbol of 18th-century life. The humble cabin is surrounded by a large area of land, which is ideal for walking through. This area has a very peaceful feeling.

7. Omni Mount Washington Hotel

Bretton Woods is a scenic spot that is home to the Omni Mount Washington Hotel. This building features gorgeous architecture.

This historic site is most famous as the location of the Bretton Woods Conference, which was hosted in 1944. This conference resulted in the foundation of both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Moreover, this hotel contains the largest ski resort in New Hampshire! So if you are interested in both history and sports, you may want to stop by this hotel.

8. Franklin Pierce Homestead

Franklin Pierce was the 14th president of the United States and remained in office from 1853 to 1857. This historical site marks the homestead of this president. Built in 1804, this homestead is in incredible condition. 

Consequently, if you are interested in the history of American presidents or have a passion for 19th-century history, you will adore the Franklin Pierce Homestead.

9. USS Albacore

Ordered in 1950, the USS Albacore was a research submarine that was made to be fast. It featured secret features.

Today, the USS Albacore is open to the public, who can look around this fascinating submarine and learn all about its history. These tours are self-guided, allowing you to spend as much time looking around as you want. 

The tour also contains an audio element. This enables you to learn all about the interesting history of this vessel, including some close encounters. 

The submarine can be found in Albacore Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

10. Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

This impressive mansion has 40 rooms! Built in 1750, the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion is a state park in New Hampshire. It was home to Benning Wentworth, who was the Governor of New Hampshire during the 18th century.

This magnificent mansion has breathtaking architecture. The house has been preserved so that it is nearly unchanged from its original condition. It’s located next to the Little Harbor river banks. This is an incredibly peaceful spot.

11. Belknap Mill Museum

Our final pick is the Belknap Mill Museum. Originally built around 1823, this used to be a textile mill. As a result, it played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution. Today, Belknap Mill is a museum dedicated to the largest textile mill in the United States.

The museum celebrates America’s industrial past. It contains real machines that would have been used to manufacture textiles.

This museum is an amazing place for art classes. Not to mention, other events, including weddings, can be hosted here. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a passion for history, New Hampshire is a phenomenal place to visit. There are loads of different historical sites to check out, which will help you to learn more about America’s rich history!


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at www.HereInNewHampshire.com