Haunted Houses In New Hampshire

Haunted houses are a great way to scare off guests at Halloween parties or spook out kids during their sleepovers – and they can also be great tourist attractions for those who are brave enough.

According to experts, New Hampshire has a great selection of the scariest haunted houses in America – and many even claim to have real ghosts haunting them. 

For a more authentic Halloween scare, we have put together a selection of some of the spookiest real-life haunted spots, houses, inns and taverns across New Hampshire; the perfect solution for a truly spine-tingling Halloween experience that offers something a little different to the crowded commercial attractions; head forth to learn more – if you are feeling brave enough.

Check out our list below:

Ocean-Born Mary House, Henniker

According to expert ghost hunters, Ocean-Born Mary House is home to one of the most famous hauntings in New Hampshire; the ghost of Mary “Ocean Born” Wallace.

The story goes that a pirate captain known as Don Pedro once captured a ship named “Wolf” off the Massachusetts shore – only to discover a newborn redheaded baby onboard.

He promised to allow the crew of the Wolf to live – provided that the baby be named after his mother.

After many years, Pedro tracked Mary down and the two were married in the town of Henniker. Upon arriving home one day, Mary found her husband dead and buried him in the kitchen.

Following Mary’s death some years later, her spirit is rumored to haunt the upper levels of the house, appearing as a tall, redheaded woman with glowing green eyes. 

Whether she protects the home from harm or is seeking revenge, is uncertain – but her chilling presence has earned the house the famous haunted moniker.

Three Chimneys Inn, Durham

The Three Chimneys Inn was built in 1694 by Valentine Hill, along with a sawmill and gristmill, the remains of which also remain in the area.

The inn is reported to be haunted by Hill’s daughter Hannah, who is thought to have drowned in the Oyster River nearby at the tender age of 20.

According to legend, Hannah still roams the hallways of the Inn, remaining in her home to haunt those who enter.

The Country Tavern, Nashua

The Country Tavern in Nasua is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a grieving mother, Elizabeth Ford, who is supposed to have resided in the house around 200 years ago and remains there to this day.

According to legend, Elizabeth’s husband returned from a year at sea to discover his wife with a new baby. In a fit of fury, he murdered them both, burying their remains on the ground and fleeing himself.

Some believe that Elizabeth Ford paces the grounds to this day, in a desperate search for her lost baby.

Alton Town Hall, Alton

Alton Town Hall is often cited as a hotbed of paranormal activity, with issues such as doors opening and closing by themselves, spooky noises and voices, and visitors reporting footsteps as they stop moving.

Some visitors have even reported feeling an icy chill while inside the building, as well as seeing furniture moving independently when nobody is around…

University of New Hampshire, Durham

If haunted residential homes weren’t creepy enough, what about a haunted university campus? The University of New Hampshire is reported to be amongst the most haunted spots in the area, with students reporting the presence of a mysterious woman, wandering the halls, and hearing strange whispers.

Residents of Smith Hall and T-Hall seem to encounter this spirit woman most regularly, with many reports of her visiting students while they sleep – an experience that is sure to be spine-chillingly creepy!

Kimball Castle, Gilford

Kimball Castle is a historic castle located near Gilford, NH.

It is rumored that there are a number of very strange events take place within the majestic halls, including long-dead antique clocks springing to life, tolling out the hour as though they were never out of action, as well as lights turning themselves on and off without explanation.

Overall, the feel and atmosphere is claimed to be very creepy and unwelcoming – this is a spirit that has no intention of making visitors feel welcome!

The Chase House, Portsmouth

Built-in 1765, the Chase House is the oldest surviving brick structure in Portsmouth – and it features a truly tragic story.

According to historical sources, a young girl took her own life in her bedroom and has since been said to haunt the premises, opening and closing doors, screaming and shouting, banging on walls, and turning the electricity on and off in an attempt to be heard – a truly spine-chilling experience.

The Tilton Inn, Tilton

Another must-see spot on your tour of the most haunted places across New Hampshire has to be the famous Tilton Inn, a property that has been the frequent star of a number of ghost hunting and “Most Haunted” shows.

According to the rumors, the Inn is haunted by a young girl named Laura, said to have died at the tender age of twelve during a fire in the nineteenth century.

A number of guests have reported seeing Laura over the years, and she is said to haunt both the hallways and bedrooms, unable to find rest.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Concord NH

When I moved to Concord NH in 2000 one of my favorite hangout spots with friends was this little Mexican restaurant. This bar/restaurant had a unique feel to it since it is located in old Jail.

You see, long before this location became a Mexican restaurant it used to house the Concord Police department between the years 1890 and 1975. As a patron of this restaurant you can sit inside the old jail cells in the basement of this building. Rumor has it the restaurant is haunted by a ghost named George.

During Fall months there is even a walking Ghost tour that has occurred in Concord and this is a popular spot for the tour! Over the years many ghost hunters have visited and even the Paranormal Research Society has visited this location.

You can find this spooky restaurant at 1 Bicentennial Square in Concord, NH.

The Old Concord NH State Hospital and Asylum

Originally constructed in 1842 this building has some serious history to it along with tales of hauntings as well. This NH asylum for the insane used to house the mentally-ill back before more modern treatment methods came into use. The architecture is impressive but also has a eeriness to it. There are many subterranean tunnels that run under the facility and friends of mine that have walked them say they are quite creepy.

I have heard from many people that the spirits of deceased residents roam the grounds of the old asylum to this day.

The grounds have since been converted into offices and office buildings so I wouldn’t recommend trespassing on the property. I have been on the grounds for 5K road races and Fireworks displays during the 4th of July and to this day this place still gives me the creeps. I found this YouTube video below of old photographs showing the spookiness of the old buildings.

Final Thoughts

New Hampshire is home to some top haunted places in America – and our list features just eight of the best-known ones.

For an authentic, truly spine-tingling trip this Halloween, why not make New Hampshire your destination – if you are brave enough to handle whatever you may encounter!


Kyle Battis is a life-long NH resident that enjoys making his way around the state, sampling delicious food and drinks, and sharing his experiences. Follow us at www.HereInNewHampshire.com