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New Hampshire is a magnificent state with a wonderful combination of natural beauty, great things to do, family-fun activities, and more.  From the many picturesque NH hikes, NH attractions, great NH restaurants, NH breweries, NH vineyards, this wonderful little state has so much to offer.

At Here in New Hampshire our mission is to showcase all that the beautiful “Live Free, or Die” state has to offer.  On our site you will find an ever-expanding collection of articles to help you discover things to do in New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire has so very much to offer and our NH Guides can help you discover new places to go in NH, things to do in NH, new restaurants to try, and so much more.  

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NH Food & Restaurants

New Hampshire has a lot to offer the palette.  There so many great NH restaurants, food trucks, hidden donut shops, NH and more.  Explore the Food section of our site to find your next tasty experience here.  

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While New Hampshire is a small state in comparison to others it is a wonderful place to live and even visit.  There are great hikes, NH tourist attractions, small towns, hidden waterfalls, and so much more.  Explore this wonderful state in our NH places section.  

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Check out some of NH Guides to learn more about our wonderful state!

NH Food & Drink

NH offers many great food and drink options guaranteed to please the palette.

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If you are looking to get out and enjoy our beautiful state be sure to look here.

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There are lots of great small businesses in NH - check out some of these businesses.